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Healthy Vision Programs


The Lions Club has historically been  one of the biggest advocates for healthy vision and vision programs in the world.  

The Oswego Lions Club provides FREE vision and hearing screenings for those in need, both young and old.

At  community events in Oswego you may see the vision screening bus unit on site with professional testing units and staff ready to give you immediate results.

Early and regular screenings could save your eye sight and get you the treatment you need.

Email for more info.

Used Eyeglasses Collection Boxes


 The Lions Club collects, refurbishes and redistributes eyeglasses to those in need.

Eyeglass Collection boxes are at the following locations:

  • Both Oswego Libraries
  • Oswego Vision
  • Old Second Bank on Douglas Rd.
  • Gustafson Eye Care
  • Byline Bank
  • Church of the Good Shephard
  • America's Best Eyeglasses, Rt34
  • Chamber of Commerce

Healthy Hearing Programs


The Oswego Lions are HUGE advocates of hearing programs in the community.  

We provide free hearing tests for those in need and work with several audiologists that help us to provide treatment for those with hearing loss. 

The Lions also provide free hearing aids and hearing aid batteries as needed for kids in District 308 that cannot afford these items on their own or need supplemental supplies while at school.


Contact if you are someone in need of these services.

Youth Support Programs


Lions Clubs encourage youth participation and community service.  

Currently the Oswego Lions Club is promoting the Young Leaders Award program, in which youth volunteers can track their community service hours and certify them with the Lions Club.  Service hours are importnat not only for what they do for the young person's development and for the good of the community but are extremely important in the college application process and scholarship eligibility.  

Contact for more information and to register for the program.

Hunger Relief Programs


The Oswego Lions Club continually provides donations and service hours to the Kendall County Community Food Pantry to help alleviate the ongoing need for proper nutrition and address the alarming number of families without daily sustenance in the community.  

Donations for the food pantry can be dropped off at the 

  • Mason's Lodge on    71 Main Street
  • Fathom Media

 5462 Rt 34 in Oswego.

To volunteer at the Kendall Food Pantry or to drop off donations please go to:

Diabetes Awareness Programs


The Lions Club has taken up the cause for Diabetes Awareness as an international cause.  Lions Clubs around the world are rallying around this cause, spreading the truth about this devastating disease and doing everything possible to engage the community around healthy living, nutrition, prevention and treatment.

Contact the Oswego Lions to learn about upcoming presentations and programs on Diabetes Awareness.




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